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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sunset Barbecues & Outdoor Kitchens by Steve Cory

If you are planning to build an outdoor kitchen here's a great book to get started.
Sunset Barbecues and outdoor kitchens by steve cory gives you step-by-step instructions and detailed illustrations for 16 projects. Projects include Brazilian barbecue, a chimney smoker, and an adobe oven .

The book is divided in three large sections as follows:
- Planning your outdoor kitchen
-Barbecue Projects
-How to Build Them

Check it out at Amazon

Outdoor Kitchens Design Guide

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Custom Outdoor Kitchen by Kalamazoo

If you are looking for custom made outdoor kitchens don't forget to check out Kalamazoo.They come with high performance grills , weather-tight cabinetry for worry-free storage and hose-down cleaning and huge options to to design your dream kitchen. What's more the installation is all simple .

Kalamazoo's cabinet doors and drawers meet strict NEMA 4 standards for weatherproof electrical enclosures.It means now you can easily hose clean your cabinets without a worry.

Outdoor Kitchens Design Guide

Thursday, August 9, 2007

A step by Step Luxury Outdoor Kitchen Project

Embarking on a new home design project is not without it's jitters. You would often find yourself answering questions like:
# Why do i want to do this?
# Where should i get a design idea from?
# Where to buy materials from?
Just found a great site discussing an outdoor kitchen project.

Del and Diane Morissette from Dublin, California started the website after friends posted numerous queries on the progress of their kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchens Design Guide


Dancing Chicken BBq Recipe ::It's Beer Time !

Who doesn't love the bubbly sizzles of beer and chewing on a tender chicken piece. Whoa !
For all the Budweiser lovers here a great chicken recipe. Get a can of your favorite beer , stuff it inside the chicken and barbecue it !

Outdoor Kitchens Design Guide