Choosing an Outdoor Kitchen Sink

Some might ask why you would ever need an outdoor kitchen sink. Those people don’t know how convenient, and almost invaluable it is to have access to a kitchen sink when you’re cooking outdoors. Either they don’t do a lot of outdoor cooking themselves, or they haven’t had the pleasure of doing some serious outside cooking with access to such a sink. Having a handy sink makes it quick and easy for small cleaning tasks, as well as for fast rinses and washing of cooking utensils. It takes a few minutes to run in and take care of that stuff, so when you’re manning the grill too, wow does it make a difference. They don’t cost too much either. You can find a decent sink starting at the $100 range, and a beautiful, high-quality one will require you fork up at least $400 or more.

an outdoor kitchen sink insalled in an outside kitchen

Where to Install the Sink

Don’t overlook the placement of the sink. It’s important because it can drastically affect your workflow. Install the sink in a convenient location of your outdoor kitchen. You don’t want it too close to the grill. However, you don’t want to place the sink too far from you as well. That does also depend on how large your kitchen is. Ideally, it should be installed within just a few steps. I would even recommend installing the sink where it is just an arm’s reach, or a step away.


The size of the sink depends on your personal preference and your budget. Honestly, you don’t need a huge sink. Any significant washing can still be done inside. Another thing that might affect the size of your sink is your counter space. Does your outside kitchen have enough counter space to hold a large sink? If you don’t have the space necessary, then you might have to settle for a smaller sink.

What Kind of Material?

You should seriously think about the material of your outdoor kitchen sink. You have to remember that it will be sitting outside; where it will be in constant exposure to the outdoor elements. It needs to be able to stand up to such harsh environments.

One of the most popular options is stainless steel. They aren’t the cheapest, but they can handle the harsh elements and are much more resistant to rust. They aren’t the most affordable option out there, but they sure look nice (and shiny). Stainless sinks will also be a little noisier too if you choose a more affordable alternative. You can decide to buy a higher quality stainless steel sink where is a noise reducing coat applied to the bottom of the sink. It’s not necessary though because it is an outdoor kitchen. Most of the time, it’s going to be loud and lively anyways, so the sound of water hitting the sink isn’t that noticeable.

Hot and Cold or Just Cold?

One question you need to answer is if you need to have a hot water supply. Do you need to have hot water in your sink? Running a supply line of hot water increases the cost, so do you need to have hot water? You don’t need hot water unless you plan to do dish washing. For any other purpose such as quick rinsing and such, you only need to have cold water supply line.

Another option you do have is to install an on-demand water heater under your sink, or near it. With that, you don’t have to run a hot water supply line from the house.

The items listed here are just some of the stuff to consider when choosing an outdoor kitchen sink. I’m sure you have other questions on your mind, and you should find the answer first before you jump in a put the money towards an outdoor kitchen sink.