Common Design Styles for Outdoor Kitchens

Depending on your needs and your preferences, there are some standard design styles you can choose to get started. You’ll also want to consider how you will be using your kitchen in the long run. The number of options you have for your design varies, but I’m only going to cover three of the most common quickly designs.

Of course, the plan is centered around the island, so the shape and the design of the island is what we’ll be talking about most. You can add your accessories and aesthetics according to how what you like. But before considering them, you’ll need to settle on the island first.

Basic Island

The simplest of designs is the basic island. In a nutshell, you have an island, and then you have a grill. The basic island design can also contain other items like:

  • Sinks
  • Lighting
  • Appliances

Regardless of how many accessories you add on, it’s still one long island. The more you add, the longer your island will be. But the basic design is just the grill and the space for preparation.

L-Shaped Island

An L-shaped island is just as the name implies. You have two islands that combine to form an L shape. If you’re planning to add more accessories and more space, then the L-shape will likely be a better choice. Overall, for a more extensive outdoor kitchen, it takes up less space because you don’t have one single, very long island.

The L-shape is also much more efficient too. Trying to cook and prepare on a very long island puts all the essential items like the grill, sink, etc. too far out of reach. The L-shape means you can grill on one side, then just turn to the sink or countertop for preparing on the other side.

U-Shaped Island

The U-shaped island is the most efficient design for larger outdoor kitchens; where you’ll have a lot of stuff. It’s easier to reach for everything because they’ll usually be without an arms reach of you. The only drawback to a U-shaped design is it will cost you more.

Whether you build your own, or you buy pre-fabricated, a U-shaped island requires more materials, and it will cost you more. Consider one U-shaped being equivalent to making almost three basic islands. That’s what it is because you have three islands combined to create a U shape.

That’s it for the most commonly found outdoor kitchen designs. Decide which shape you would like to have, or would need. Then choose where you want the grill. After that, you can start working on which appliance and accessory you would need and where they would fit into your kitchen island.