Selecting An Outdoor Grill

No outdoor kitchen is complete without the barbecue grill; which is the most common choice for cooking outside. In fact, one could say that the entire outdoor kitchen is built around the centerpiece, the grill. So choose your outdoor grill very carefully—because it indeed does matter.

Buying the perfect grill can be a challenge in itself because there are so many choices available. Not only are there a bunch of options from varying manufacturers to choose from, but you also have to make the hard decision of whether to go with charcoal or with gas. It gets even more complicated; because you can choose to pre-made grill, or you can also put a custom grill together yourself. There are quite a few important things to consider when choosing a grill, so it’s easy to forget something. Don’t worry though, just use this convenient list and you’ll be golden.

Fixed or Flexible?

The first question you should ask yourself and decide on an answer is whether to go with a fixed or flexible grill. If you want to have the option of being able to rearrange the position of the grill, or perhaps, take that expensive grill with you should you move then a flexible grill is a choice for you? Most flexible, moveable grills will have wheels, but not all of them do. Wheels will be nice to have if you think you might need to move the grill often.

Fixed grills are built in right into the island (countertop). It’s meant to be there permanently—so no moving it around.

what better reason for a grill than steaks?

Types of Outdoor Grills

There are two common types of outdoor grills: charcoal and gas. There is also a third, hybrid variety, but that one isn’t as common. The hybrid variety is also significantly more expensive, and it isn’t worth it so we won’t be talking about them. However, if you feel that a hybrid is what you want, it’s your grill so choose the one you want.

Charcoal Grills

Charcoal grills can cost starting around $100 for a flexible, and cheaper option. A nice charcoal grill can cost up to $2,000. What is the difference between the $100 and the $1000 grills? Regarding function, nothing. They both provide a safe container for you to burn hot charcoal.

What makes a quality grill more expensive is the number of convenience features it has. Some include storage and shelves, and some nice ones even have auto igniting systems (which is very lovely). You also pay extra for the quality as well. A quality grill will bring you many years of service; whereas a cheap grill won’t last as long. Aside from that, there are the cosmetic reasons—you know, it looks damn good. The more expensive grills sure are beauties to look at right?

The choice of a charcoal grill will also depend if you prefer to cook with charcoal. Many who love outdoor cooking and grilling love the aroma and the flavor that charcoal can impart to the food. Many of them feel gas just doesn’t have that same touch.

Gas Grills

Gas grills don’t quite impart the same aromas and flavors that charcoal does, but boy is it convenient to use. It’s also a lot easier to control the overall temperature too. Another thing about gas grills is they are more expensive compared to charcoal grills. Well, the grill itself is costly, but in the long run, gas is cheaper than charcoal. A tank can last you a lot longer than charcoal.

Prices for a gas grill can start at a few hundred dollars to over $3,000 for a nice one. The differences between cheaper and more expensive, quality gas grills are about the same as with charcoal grills. More costly grills will also allow for better and more accurate temperature control, and they will be capable of burning much hotter. Why would you pay for a higher burning grill? Searing, and steaks!

Whether you choose to go with charcoal or gas, the choice is ultimately up to you. You’re only limited by your budget and a few requirements: like size. You have to make sure the size of the grill will fit into your outdoor kitchen that you’re going to build.