Tips for Selecting a Location

So you have a good idea of what you want to build, how you want it to look like, and all that good stuff. But, the question is, “where are you going to build your outdoor kitchen?” The location is just as important as any of the other steps; because let’s face it, it’s pretty much to be there permanently, so you’d better make sure it’s in the right spot. Consider these tips before you choose your location.

some quick tips to help you decide on the right location

Don’t Build it Too Far From the House

Just because it’s an outdoor kitchen doesn’t mean you should build it far away from the house. You might be thinking, “but the indoor kitchen is in the house,” and that’s correct. However, the chances are high that your outdoor kitchen will not have everything your indoor kitchen does.

Placing your kitchen too far away from the house will make a tremendous hassle to go back in and grab supplies. Then for those times when you need to use something indoors that you don’t have outdoors, it can seem pretty far away when you’re running back and forth between the two.

You don’t have to place it right next to the house, but consider the distance you have to travel between the two.

Don’t Place It Too Close to the House

Wait, didn’t I just say to not place it too far from the house? Yep, but you don’t want to put it too close to the house either. You have to consider the smoke from the grill. The last thing you’ll want is the smoke from the grill going into the house.

Consider the Direction of the Wind in Your Area

Check and see which direction the wind generally blows in your area. Not only do you want to avoid having the smoke blow into your house, but you also have to consider your family and guests. No one wants to sit outdoors and have smoke blow into their faces. Place the grill where the wind won’t always blow the smoke into people’s faces.

Don’t Trap Smoke Under Shading Structures

If you’re building your outdoor kitchen under a shading structure, then you need to consider the placement of your grill carefully. Place the island and the grill so that the grill will be as close to the end of the structure as possible.

If the grill is located smack in the middle underneath the structure, it will be harder for te smoke to escape; which can make for a very unpleasant outdoor cooking experience. By building it, so the grill is close to the edge of the structure, the smoke will escape more easily.

If there is no other choice and you have to build the outdoor kitchen with the grill underneath an enclosed area, then you will want to consider adding in a way to exhaust the smoke away. This could be a fan or just an opening.

I’m sure there are a lot of useful tips that I’ve missed, but this list is an excellent place to start. Think about the location of your outdoor kitchen very thoroughly. Remember that you won’t be able to move once it is built. Most custom built outdoor kitchens are permanent, so make sure it’s in the right spot. Don’t forget to check some additional ideas here.