Outdoor Kitchen Accessories

Apart from the basic grill, the number of accessories you can add to your outdoor kitchen are practically endless. A few additions which you can make are:

Side Burners – Most grill manufacturers offers a side burner option.  Some are configured directly to the grill unit, while others are completely separate.  Side burners allow you to prepare an accompanying dish or stir-frying your favorite vegetables using a wok, without running back and forth to the kitchen. 

Access Doors are used below gas grills for access to gas lines and below sinks for access to plumbing.  Each door has a specific cutout specification, and is then installed using masonry bolts or screws depending on your kitchen construction.  

Storage Drawers – Running to and fro inside the house for supplies can become tiring.  Necessary cooking items can easily be stored in these drawers and like access doors they come in a wide range of varieties.

Warming Drawer – 

If you like your food hot try installing thermostatically controlled temperature Warming Drawer. Most of them keep the food at ranges from 175 to 230 degrees, and come with moist / crisp settings.

Some other items you could add to the outdoor inventory are

  • Trash Bins
  • Keg Dispensers
  • Paper towel holders
  • Outdoor ice makers
  • Outdoor TV