Counter tops

Choosing Countertops for outdoor kitchen

A common negative point of many outdoor kitchen designs is the lack of ample counter space. Not having sufficient counter spaces for preparation and serving always turns out to be inefficient and you spend a lot of time picking pans and cutting boards to find an open spot to work.

Design your countertop space for efficient work triangle. Your Grill , sinks and other essential equipments must be directly accessible.If you are planning to have counter space to eat food make sure to have 15 inches depth and 24 inches width per person .

The choice of material for countertops depends on your kitchen requirements. The following are commonly used.

  • Porcelain tiles  are relatively inexpensive and are available in a wide variety of colors, sizes and trims. Porcelain tiles however are not suitable for cold climate areas.
  • Granite is a popular choice for outdoor kitchens. It is very convenient cleaning a granite countertop. Because of it’s ability to retain heat, granite is not recommended for outdoor kitchens which are directly exposed to strong sunlight.
  • Concrete counter tops are the most durable variety and will  do well even in the most harsh weathers. You can blend in color and stones to make the color you desire. Left in its natural state, unsealed, concrete is porous and will stain. Therefore Concrete countertops have sealers applied for water and stain resistance.  
  • Flagstone  counter tops require little maintenance beyond routine wiping off of excess water to prevent mold and removing debris.  They are however susceptible to staining and discoloration.