Choosing Materials

Choosing Outdoor kitchen Materials

The main requirement of choosing materials for outdoor kitchen is weather durability. The equipment would constantly be exposed to sunlight, water and cold temperatures. Make use of weather proof materials such as teak, stainless steel, slate, stone, tile and stucco.

The area under the grill should be able withstand high heat and sparks. It should be sturdy enough to withstand the weight of the whole setup.  Most patios work fine but decks do need additional structure support.

The frame of the outdoor kitchen design should be made of inflammable material if possible. The different types of frames generally used are :

  • Wood Frame: It is the least preferred because of it’s flammability but is the ideal choice for do it yourselfers. 
  • Steel Beams: Steel studs provide the same flexibility as wood and are inflammable. Do it yourselfers can easily cut and screw them together.
  • Cinder Block: They are the most durable of the three frames and are used for permanent setups. However they lack freedom of design and there is loss of storage space which might be unsuitable if space is a problem.

Materials Required

A typical outdoor kitchen (with concrete sub structures)would require the following materials to get you started.

  1. Sink with faucet and trap
  2. Outdoor cabinet doors
  3. Gas pipe, shutoff valve, and connections
  4. Plumbing supplies: drain lines,supply lines, stop valves
  5. Electrical supplies: cable or conduit with wire, boxes,GFCI receptacles
  6. Concrete block
  7. Mortar mix
  8. Pressure-treated 2 × 4s
  9. 4 × 4s
  10. Nails and screws for building framing and attaching boards to the house
  11. concrete backerboard
  12. Stucco mix
  13. Waterproof tile backing
  14. Fortified thinset mortar
  15. Tiles
  16. Fortified grout
  17. Grout sealer
  18. Paint