Kitchen Islands

Save construction hassles with Outdoor Kitchen Barbecue Islands

If you want to design an elegant sophisticated looking outdoor kitchen but don’t want to get into the hassles of plumbing, masonry or basic construction , prefabricated outdoor kitchen islands could be your ideal choice. Outdoor islands can be anything from simple, tile-topped stucco bases to granite-tile U-shaped islands with seating.

An outdoor kitchen island is a large prebuilt structure that has space for installing a gas grill and comes with  plenty of counter space and other amenities such as cabinets, refrigerators and even dishwashers.Some designs include attached bench , seating areas, lighting, umbrellas and even fireplaces and fire pits. For flexible budgets you could add  mosaic tiles and  raised bar counter tops.

If you want a island that complements your the surroundings or want to have a style or color in mind you could also go in for custom grill islands.They cost more than prefabricated units but give an upscale look to your kitchen.

Benefits Of Prefab Outdoor Kitchen Grill Islands

  • The main advantage of these pre-made units is that they can be installed in as little as a day.You just need to plug in  the water, electric and gas lines to it.
  • Grill islands are almost completely customizable and you can design a kitchen according to your requirements and budget constraints. You can choose from a variety of finishes such as stainless steel , Wood , faux-stucco or faux-stone .

The grill island originally gained popularity after the  TV show, “Dallas”. The director of the show felt that the gas grill should reflect the rich status of the featured Texas family. The Ducane Company was approached and asked to come up with something . What they built was a dual grill with lots of counter space. This grill gave a boost to these units and now several companies make them. Be warned though Grill Islands do require some investment. Certain Models can cost upwards $10000.

The utmost in outdoor luxury, the U-9100 Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen by Calspas comes with a plasma tv and fireplace  .