Design Styles

Outdoor Kitchen Design Styles

The look and feel of an outdoor kitchen depends on your needs and how you would be using it in the long run. Three common design of the outdoor kitchen grill island are mentioned below. These islands form the core of your outdoor kitchen. Accessories and aesthetics can be added as per your tastes.

Basic island
A basic island features a grill , a sink and a little space where you chop or store supplies. It works fine for occasional light cooking but become cumbersome if you do heavy duty cooking or make recipes which require a lot of chopping and simultaneous preparations.

Featured Island in the image is the MC-870 model by Calspas . 

L-shaped island
This configuration allows separate spaces for cooking and preparing food. Seating arrangements are usually next to the grill island.

Featured Island is the G-2500 model by calspas.

U-shaped center
The third common design is the U shaped kitchen island. It provides distinct zones for cooking , preparation and eating food. An advantage of this design is that food can be served straight from the grill and at the same time maintain a jovial conversation.

The above mentioned designed are the most common. You could however also order a custom design to suit your needs.