What exactly is an outdoor kitchen ?

According to the Property and Environment Research Center, in the Northeast, 43 percent of homeowners report having an outdoor room. In the midwest, west and south, it’s 32 to 34 percent . Though all these numbers do not all include outdoor kitchens, these statistics are indicative of an emerging trend among Americans… Taking the kitchen outside.

Wikipedia describes an outdoor kitchen as “outdoor area set up for regular food preparation, for instance when camping.” However most home designers agree that a project to be called an outdoor kitchen it must include at least one good-quality cooking appliance like a gas grill or a wood-fired oven , some counter space and a sink. Barbecue Grills are the most popular cooking options . Other cooking options which homeowners use are outdoor fireplaces and fire pits.

For many years outdoor kitchens were a practical option only for people with higher incomes…..the maintenance and building outdoor kitchens prices was way too high .The rising popularity of outdoor kitchens has created a market that is starting to get very competitive and with extremely attractive designs and prices. The industry now even has big Do it yourself shops started getting into the market, making it easier to purchase an outdoor kitchen for all budgetsl. Prefabricated outdoor kitchen islands can now be installed in as little as a day. You just need to plug in  the water, electric and gas lines to it.

Benefits of an outdoor kitchen

  • It adds up as a great entertaining source both for social gatherings and for the perfect family moments.
  • Cooking outdoors in the summer can keep your air conditioning bill down. Cooking emits heat which warms the home.
  • It keeps both the mess and clean-up outdoors.
  • All your cooking is done in the same space.
  • Elaborate outdoor kitchens can also add to the real estate value of your house and may help you if you plan to move away after a few years.