Beyond Calories Diet

Beyond Calories Diet Review

The Beyond Calories Diet is available only as an Add on Package to the Fat Loss 4 Idiots Online Diet Generator for an extra $16.95. This review is to help you decide whether it is suitable for you.

There are 2 reasons why this resource is separated from the main Fat Loss For diet plan:

1. Losing fat fast with the regular Idiot diet package is so easy to accomplish that you don’t need Beyond Calories in order for your diet to be successful.

 2. In order to make FatLoss4Idiots more affordable for everyone.

How beyond calories diet works ?

The Beyond Calories diet is based on H.S. foods. These are High Satiety foods which cause you to feel full and sated throughout the day, making it easier to eat in moderation.

The thing to note is that not only do specific foods produce a high satiety feeling, the food combinations themselves are intended to produce a High Satiety feeling.

You must eat 6 times /day (at least two hours apart), and half the portions that you would generally eat in a meal. You must also drink 8-10 glasses of water/day, and your choice of condiments and seasonings are very limited.

What are H.S. Foods ?

H.S. Foods are high satiety foods . These are those foods which even if taken in small portions make you feel full . An important factor why people gain weight is that they include a high percentage of low satiety foods in their diet. Low satiety foods make you crave more and more foods both physically and mentally when you eat them. This leads to eating more and more food, much more than needed, and leads up to gaining fat and excess pounds.

The H.S. Food concept is derived from the satiety Index . The satiety Index was developed by Australian researcher Dr. Susanna Holt from the University of Sydney, who was looking into the relationship between what we eat and how hungry we are afterwards. The testing involved feeding volunteers 240 calorie portions of 38 different foods after which volunteers ranked their appetite (or lack thereof) and had their food choices monitored for a period after eating them. White bread was used as a baseline, with a satiety ranking of 100.

For example after research it was found that Apples, grapes, bananas and Popcorn (please check your butter ) have a much higher satiety rating than other foods. The more of these foods you include in your diet the less hungry you will feel throughout the day and further boost your fat loss.

BottomLine : Should you buy beyond calories ?

It will require some additional small effort on your part to incorporate H.S. Foods into your diet. We suggest you invest in Beyond Calories only if you are really, really committed to a pursuing a fast fat loss process. Otherwise, stick to the original diet plan.