Outdoor Flooring

Choosing Flooring for your Outdoor Kitchen

Your flooring choice will set the tone for the whole outdoor kitchen design. The textural quality of the floor appeals to the eyes and has a radical effect on how we perceive the kitchen area. Landscape designers have long known that different materials and different colors set the background for moods.

Stamped Concrete

A few points to get you started on choosing a kitchen flooring.

  • SAFETY :Perhaps the single most important issue in choosing flooring .Avoid glazed or porous tiles and stone since they are be slippery when wet.This becomes more important if you have children or elder people staying in the house. Try choosing safe materials such as concrete, brick or natural stone.
  • BUDGET :The cost of flooring depends on Quality and type of material and Difficulty of installation.The most popular outdoor flooring option presently is concrete becuase of it’s affordability and durability. To add a trendy look you could choose stamping, coloring or a rock-salt finish.For higher budgets try considering authentic flagstone which are available in a variety of colors and textures.
  • STYLE :If you want a Contemporary modern look for your outdoor kitchen  try slate or cast concrete tiles .Slate is an extremely durable natural stone product, and comes in many colors, textures, shapes and sizes and is also  stain-resistant. Tuscan styles are inspired by the elements of nature. Using sturdy materials that stand the test of time, the look of Tuscan style decorating is rustic, warm, and inviting. Nothing should look shiny and new. Try using Tumbled Pavers, unhoned travertine, deep-washed exposed aggregate or stone-texture stamped concrete for that exotic look. English/Traditional style make use of  Brick or darker flagstones, washed concrete or stamped cobblestone concrete.